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but you love me the way I am

I suppose I am not unalike the rest of my customization-obsessed friends, in that the first thing I did was visit /customize/advanced.
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ahahaha. You know, I was coming here to check you knew how to do that on DW! FIRST THING.
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ahahahahahaha \o/
I read your post; I remembered you'd had one up about it. Then I realized that all I had to do was go to /customize/advanced. :D
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Wellllllllcome to Dreamwidth. :)

Yes, it's neat to see people who are "omg stylez!!" and fix it. I did that myself, but I was on Generator for a while. Then I flailed and found something else I'd never seen before.
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hahahaha :D thaaaaaank you. \o/
I may be a huge bit of a customization freak. >_>

You were using Generator for a long time before at LJ too, weren't you? :D I was using it until I switched to S2, at which point I made a super hacked up version of Generator in S2... then I stoped making my own hacky layouts and started getting lazy and stealing cool layouts from people like grrliz. XD
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Heh. That's close to the first thing I did. I imported some journals (until they started not working due to the importing-multiple-journals bug), and tried to find a few of my LJ friends to add. And then as soon as I stumbled on an entry that pointed out how to do the advanced S2 here, I was sucked in.